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An Easy Way to Transform Your Traffic Exchange and Safelist/Mailer Efforts Into Massive Lists, Massive Downlines

To: Struggling But Motivated Traffic Exchange Surfer and Safelist Email Reader


...This is really exciting!

Members of MySurfBiz are seeing RECORD-BREAKING success and it just keeps getting better!

MySurfBiz is REVOLUTIONIZING the traffic exchange and mailer industry, blowing all other competitors completely out of the water.

And what's more amazing?   ...You are only moments away from dominating all of the top exchanges and mailers with your own SurfBiz!

You see: At any given time of the day there are 1000's of active members currently surfing through websites and reading promo emails. And incredibly, over 1200 new members join the exchanges and mailers every single day!

Are you kidding me?

I want a piece of THAT pie!

These industries are pots of gold just waiting for you to reach your hand in and grab some of the treasure for yourself.

BUT, this is ONLY the case if you know how to work the system correctly and push all of the right buttons!

And MySurfBiz does exactly that!..... And it does with the unstoppable force of EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!

Much like the force of an avalanche tumbling down a snow covered mountain, your SurfBiz will continue to grow larger and larger in size, all the while picking up more and more speed and momentum along the way!

This is completely UNHEARD OF ! .....


Here are the 3 main types of pages that traffic exchange surfers and mailer members ALWAYS promote and the silly mistakes they are committing.

All 3 of these pages separately have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the DISADVANTAGES completely outnumber the advantages.

1. A squeeze page to grow their subscriber list.

With a squeeze page you can try to build your list, but this is going to be a painstakingly slow process that will never be worth the effort. Without a downline or an unbelievably amazing squeeze page, you will never earn even close to enough credits to have any REAL success.

2. A referral link to build their traffic exchange and safelist/mailer downline.

Promoting a referral link is great.... but you'll need to promote a traffic exchange OTHER than the one you are currently surfing on and even then you will have to hope that the surfer viewing your referral page isn't already a member of that exchange that you are currently promoting.

Growing a downline like this is also painstakingly slow and you have NO guarantee that your referrals will even surf or recruit other members themselves. You'll NEVER have a downline worth bragging about this way!

3. A plain old "buy this now" sales page.

Finally, promoting a sales page is... I'm sorry to say this but.... just a complete waste of your time! You are not building your downline, you are not growing your list, and unfortunately you are not going to make ANY sales!

Traffic exchange surfers are always moving quickly and you've got to capture their attention and gain their trust before you even think to sell them something.

This is what MySurfBiz is and does! It takes all of the benefits of all 3 of these page types, combines them, and then multiplies the result by 10!

Your SurfBiz will grow your list, build your downlines, AND earn you money all at the same time with explosively fast results and all you've got to do is SURF and READ MAILS!

"These guys know their stuff. I have been blown away by how much they know about all this online marketing. Thanks! I finally have a SYSTEM I can promote with confidence. Happy MSB owner Alice Alice "

Alice Bridieu

When you own your own SurfBiz - you own much more than just a web page, you own a successful, quality built, online business.

When you promote your SurfBiz, you're doing much more than surfing, you are laying the bricks for the skyscraper of a business you are soon to be in control of!

is everything you've seen and done in order to reach this point. RIGHT NOW you are looking at somebody else's SurfBiz!

In order to get to this page you completed 2 steps:

The first step was to put in your name and email and join this SurfBiz owner's list.

Then, in Step 2, you joined their downlines in each of the top 8 programs.

Now, YOU are being given the golden opportunity to become a member and own your own SurfBiz just as they did! The owner of the SurfBiz you are looking at right now is becoming more and more successful every minute. Now, it's your turn to make the same move!

When YOU become a member of MySurfBiz you will be given YOUR OWN entire MySurfBiz.com website!

But, please understand, this is FAR from being one of those worthless MLM programs or pyramid schemes...  Don't even put those words in the same sentence as MySurfBiz!

With MySurfBiz YOU are the OWNER, which means that YOU receive ALL of the benefits.

First, you will receive the MSB Step 1 page. This squeeze page has been built from the ground up to attract the attention of Traffic Exchange surfers specifically.

This page grabs your attention and says:

                  "Hey surfer, would you like to see success for your surfing efforts?"

And you and I both know that this is EXACTLY the goal of every exchange surfer that exists!

There is NO OTHER squeeze page that works as well as this one.

And here's the part that makes this priceless:

After completing just a couple of forms, this page will be customized to you. This means that this page will add subscribers to YOUR list...  not our list...   not the list of some nameless guru...

These are YOUR leads and this is YOUR website.

That's why its called *MY*surfbiz....

Don't have a list? Don't know how to use a list? Don't worry! MySurfBiz is completely NEWBIE friendly and we teach you everything you need to know!

Wow! What else?

You will also receive the Step 2 downline builder page.

This is the page your surfers will go to after joining your list on the Step 1 page. Just like before...
All you've got to do is fill out a few forms and this page will be customized to you.

The surfers will join YOUR downlines in all of the top 8 programs!

Talk about growing a business!

With these 2 amazing pages you will be growing your list and building your downlines at an incredibly turbo-charged rate.

.... so what happens next?

Well, just like you, after a member joins your list and downlines they will be sent to this page you are looking at right now.

Here's where it almost gets too good too be true:

When that member comes to this page and decides to join your SurfBiz, you will be paid an INSTANT and whopping $9.88 commission!...

Incredible! You couldn't be faced with a better opportunity than this one, right now!

But wait! Before you become our next successful member, let's talk about GROWTH = The number 1 aspect that makes MySurfBiz unbeatable!

""Okay Rina, you win. I just got a few Opt-Ins to my new list and even got a sale by doing what you said - promoting MySurfBiz STEP1. This never happened to me before this FAST. It took me a while to get how easy it is."

~Donald Harrison Owner of MadDogMailz

As you surf with MSB, you already know that you are going to be recruiting new members into each of your 6 downlines, right?... Well check this out:

When they become MSB members, we are going to teach them how to surf like crazy and earn lots of credits. This means that your downline referrals will be extremely active surfers and earn YOU massive
amounts of free credits!

You couldn't have a more active downline!... but it gets even better:

These surfers that join under you, will be promoting THEIR own SurfBiz's as well. That means they will be recruiting more downline members like crazy, and every member they recruit will become a part of each of YOUR downlines as well... and so will their new members... and those new members will recruit new members... and so on and so on...

Your SurfBiz will be unstoppable!

With MySurfBiz, every single nook and cranny... of every single aspect... of what creates a successful business... WILL GROW!

Have you ever heard of instant mashed potatoes? Well this is instant online business!

So... your downline is growing like crazy, this means you are earning tons of free credits on your exchanges and this means more hits to your entire SurfBiz, which then means, all over again, more list growth, downline growth, and more instant payments.

The process just never stops!

Your SurfBiz will keep growing and growing with more and more momentum... just like an Avalanche.

It's the perfect formula and it's designed just for people like you... people who want to surf and most importantly want to be successful from home doing it!

How much does it cost to become a member of MySurfBiz today?

Well let's go over the value of becoming a member:

enormous value.

When MySurfBiz was in it's early stages of development, we were reasonably planning on only giving it out to the select few people who were willing to pay $197.

But, then we thought about the purpose of MSB, and that purpose is to allow anybody from anywhere to become successful online quickly and easily. And we wanted EVERYBODY to get in on this so we decided to drop the membership fee to an amazingly small price of $57!

AND THEN... we must have gone insane, but we're calling it a "temporary insanity" because this will NOT last for long.

Due to the revolutionary launch of MySurfBiz.com and for an extremely limited time only...

... you will become a member today for only $14.97!


Your Cast-Iron Guarantee

We are confident that once you get inside MySurfBiz you'll start seeing results. We provide the platform and the training, you profit! Plain and simple!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Try us today for 7 days, risk-free! If you're not completely satisfied with your results, drop us a line and we'll send you a full refund.

This is an unbelievable opportunity that you will only have once. The sooner you join MySurfBiz, the more successful your SurfBiz will become.

This system is SWEEPING the traffic exchanges and new members are joining right now even as you are reading this message!

New surfers are joining every minute ...

And once you become a member... These surfers will be joining under YOU!

Imagine... a week from now you could EASILY have already made your investment back multiple times over AND in more ways than one!  It only depends on how much you surf!

... or a week from now you could be sitting, confused, wondering why you are still struggling to see ANY results for your online efforts...

This truly is a no-brainer.

See you in the members area!

"This program is awesome. The downline builder is already building my list for me plus earning me $9.88 payments over & over. Just in the past 2 days I received 3 payments and my downlines in all 5 programs are growing on autopilot. Loving it! Thanks Rina. "

~Gary Russeau Owner of Social Viral Mailer

"MySurfBiz is a brilliant concept. It’s very easy to use & you can choose the programs you want to promote. As a TE owner, I use MySurfBiz to bring in new surfers & commissions for myself & my members. MySurfBiz builds my downlines both on my own sites & on the programs I promote on the site"

~Louise Deavin Owner of FroggyHits & Big Beach Hits

"MySurfBiz is an excellent program! It's a bit like playing pinball when the ball hits all the bumpers & everything lights up & buzzes at the same time! First someone joins my list, then they join the programs I promote, & then I get a “Notification of payment received” email from Paypal."

David Hurley

"WOW! Talk about "new and improved"! This is light years ahead of the old system. When I learned that you could advertise YOUR OWN links on page 2,I almost fell off my chair.Kudos to the new owners! This is an AMAZING system."

Steve Laycock

Go ahead and start maximizing your online efforts today! You could even start receiving payments within the next couple of hours!

Members of MySurfBiz are seeing REAL results and I would like to personally invite you to become our next successful member.


Your Cast-Iron Guarantee

We are confident that once you get inside MySurfBiz you'll start seeing results. We provide the platform and the training, you profit! Plain and simple!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Try us today for 7 days, risk-free! If you're not completely satisfied with your results, drop us a line and we'll send you a full refund.

Today marks the start of an exciting new journey for you and once you become a member... you'll never look back again.

See you soon,

To Your Success,

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