Woman Wakes up to $49 Billion Debt After a Night Out With Her Friend

billion error chase
According to Maddie’s videos, it’s an error done in order to grab people’s attentions so they can fix an issue with their account. What that issue was is anyone’s guess, Maddie didn’t really get into it too much. However, a representative from Chase did speak to the incident. According to the bank, it was purely a “glitch” on the bank’s part: “We had a technical glitch over the weekend impacting a limited number of accounts. The issue has been resolved and those accounts are now showing accurate balances.” Why can’t these glitches ever just put money into your account? Hey, if that ever happens, make sure you get all of that wired over to the Cayman Islands as soon as possible. This guy might be able to help you out with that, should you need it.

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