Went out for Picture but Draw A photo Instead

Some vocations just require specific tools/items/supplies. You can’t really be a bartender without liquor/beer or cups. And how good of a mime would you be without an invisible box? Entire industries lose millions and millions of dollars if there are internet network outages, but if we’re talking about a world without the internet, then we’re talking about the collapse of civilization.Article continues below advertisement So what’s a photographer supposed to do if they don’t have a working camera? Sure, they could try and capture whatever scenery they need to on a smartphone, but if you’re a nature photographer who requires special lenses and cameras that are designed to capture hi-definition of animals in their natural habitat from a distance so as not to disturb them, like Donny Moore, then you’re kind of crap out of luck. But there’s an old saying about lemons and it looks like even though Donny couldn’t do his job as a wildlife picture taker because his camera unexpectedly failed on him, he still managed to do something productive in the face of such unfortunate circumstance: he’d draw pictures of the animals he was seeing instead of snapping their photos.Article continues below advertisement
donny moore wildlife photographer
In an interview with Peta Pixel, Donny talks about wanting to “bring some levity” to counteract the rotten luck he had with a failed camera.

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