8 Reasons The Girl Who’s Always Single And The Girl In A Serious Relationship Make The Best Of Friends

5. The friend who’s single appreciates the opinion of her friend who’s in a healthy, committed relationship.

Because whether she wants a relationship or not, she admires her settled down friend for finding a companion who makes her happy in every healthy way. She knows if her friend can stay in a healthy relationship, she can trust her to give sound advice.

6. The friend who’s in a relationship has other single friends she can set her up with.

The always single friend is used to people constantly trying to set her up with their friend’s cousin’s nephew’s uncle, or whoever they think would be ‘absolutely PERFECT for her, and her friend who’s in a relationship is no different. The friend who’s in a relationship will continue to try and find her someone she can settle down with, and the single friend will continue to give them all a (somewhat) fair chance.

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