8 Reasons The Girl Who’s Always Single And The Girl In A Serious Relationship Make The Best Of Friends

1. The friend who’s in a serious relationship needs some time to get away from her serious relationship.

She does A LOT with, and for, her significant other, and as much as she loves doing that, she also enjoys the time she occasionally gets to spend without them. The friend who’s always single is the friend who’s in a serious relationship’s escape. It’s the time she has to let her hair down, go crazy, and basically act like she’s single without actually going against the commitment of her relationship.

2. The friend who’s always single and the friend who’s in a serious relationship never compete against each other.

When the single friend goes out with her other single friends, the scene is either a complete free-for-all or every single friend adheres to their designated single friend role, which can range from the girl who’s swarmed by men wanting to buy her drinks, or the girl who’s swatting those swarming men away. But when she goes out with her friend who’s in a serious relationship, that friend assumes the role of automatic wing-woman. She’s more than willing to talk to Prince Charming’s not-so-charming friend while you shamelessly flirt with said Prince and hopefully get his number by the end of the night. She just uses her go-to line which reveals she has a boyfriend and she casually chats with Prince Charming’s friend while he innocently feels obliged to buy her drinks.

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