7 Signs It’s Time To Say Goodbye To That Toxic Friend

7. It is a Part of Growing Up

After reading my six types to avoid a toxic relationship, I hope you can realize how much more you deserve (if you are even having issues). Of course not everyone’s best friend is this way. I know some people out there have some really awesome best friends. This is for the girls who have ever felt the way that I do, that feel stuck to someone just because you have been besties for endless years. I can’t tell you it is easy, it is really hard, but I said goodbye to toxic people and feel a lot better now. I have friends now that I trust, that are there for me, and make me feel really good about myself. These are the friends that everyone deserves. Break up with your 15+ year best friend and make room in your heart for a new and improved one. It is time for you to realize that you are better than what you have been wasting your time with. Good luck.

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