7 Signs It’s Time To Say Goodbye To That Toxic Friend

6. Putting you Down to Make Themselves Feel Higher

This is the worst trait for anyone to have. There are certain people in the world who have a tendency to be extremely jealous of other people. With that group of jealous people there is an even smaller group that will go to extremes to put you down just so they can feel better about them-pathetic-selves. If you are seriously associating with someone who shuns you, has to one-up you, has to always prove you wrong about every situation even though they are wrong, or just makes fun of you, your clothes, your relationship, etc, then please think about the type of person you are associating with. There are people in the world that will seriously do the above stated things just so that they can feel higher than you. These disgusting people use their friendships as a way to make their lives seem slightly better. If you have a BFF that does this to you, it is time to acknowledge their shallowness and move on to a new and better best friend because hey, if your “BFF” is sending you home from school crying every day, I doubt they are worth your time.

12 Subtle Signs You’re In A Toxic Friendship