7 Signs It’s Time To Say Goodbye To That Toxic Friend

4. The Never Ending Thing They Do That Annoys You

Maybe your BFF has a certain trait or characteristic to them that drives you crazy. It is not your place to tell them to change their ways, unless it is something serious and you are just trying to help them out. If your best friend has a personality trait that you literally just cannot stand then think about cutting ties. Sometimes when you have been friends with someone for a lot of years, you look past the fact that you have grown into two entirely different people that do not want to be around each other. Although you cannot stand each other, you keep holding onto a friendship just because it has been there forever. It isn’t easy, but it is time to realize that you cannot do it anymore. You are two different people and you can’t do the same activities or talk about the same things so take off the blinds and say goodbye.

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