7 Signs It’s Time To Say Goodbye To That Toxic Friend

1. Body Shaming

We have all been through those awkward pre-teen and teen years when your body is starting to change and your womanly parts begin to fill out in ways you never thought could happen. My pre-teen years consisted of my breasts being in a half flat-half filling out stage which left them looking awkward and pointy. This look left my bestest of friends shaming me and making fun of my “pointy boobs.” The shaming ultimately caused me to hate my breasts for many years and I was never comfortable with them. Well I can safely say, now that I am 20, my breasts are no longer pointy (Thank God). However, I am sure I am not the only teenager who had awkward breasts when going through Puberty. Puberty is already a crappy time for kids, don’t let your “friends” make it harder for you to adjust. This should not even be about just body shaming because some friends will tell you they don’t like your style, your clothes, or anything else about you that hurts your feelings and they will not care. This is lesson number one. If your “BFF” causes you to hate yourself, then you should be revaluating your best friend decision.

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