7 Signs It’s Time To Say Goodbye To That Toxic Friend

We all have those people in our life that we feel just weigh us down until we are crawling on our hands and knees. Those people that dig claws into our back so we cannot escape their grasp all because their familiarity is too strong. Maybe I am just a grudge holder, but I think it is extremely important to acknowledge toxic people and know when, and how, to escape before the Final Friend Shit Show has its grand finale. I am sure we have all had a friend or a couple that we have known since diapers or finger painting. Someone that you have spent 15+ years with. From your barbies, to your first kiss, first breakup, first basically everything you have spent with this person or people. A friend that you have been through thick and thin with and just know that you will be close forever, no matter the distance. Well let me be the one to be blunt when I say: YOU ARE WRONG. I know it can be extremely difficult when it is someone you have spent years knowing because they are familiar. However, although it will be hard, there comes a time for you to really think if that person is worth your friendship. Let me be your tour guide through the world of bff’s and show you how to tell when it is time to break up with your best friend.

12 Subtle Signs You’re In A Toxic Friendship