14 Popular Photos That Turned Out to Be Clever Fakes

The post has launched the image into the stratosphere of popularity and since then it was published thousands of times on different websites. In fact, the cow was edited in Photoshop, otherwise, the front of the car would’ve been crushed under the weight. The author of the photobomb is unknown, but Surrey Roads Policing Unit played a major role in the popularization of the image. A monster cat © hoaxes.org The photo started to spread all over the internet in 2003. The title said that Snowball weighed 87 lb and his mother lived in a nuclear power plant. In fact, the cat’s name is Jumper and he’s a regular-sized cat. His owner Cordell Hauglie made a joke by enlarging the cat in Photoshop and then showed the image to his friends. He had no idea just how popular he and his pet would become!

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