10 Colorful Southern Sayings Making The Rest Of Us Laugh Out Loud

Observations About A Person’s Weight

11. She’s so skinny, you can’t even see her shadow. (Eat up, girl!)

12. He’s so skinny, if he stood sideways and stuck out his tongue, he’d look like a zipper. (The tongue is in reference to the part of the zipper you grab hold of to pull it up and down.)

13. If he were an inch taller, he’d be round. (How to politely describe a portly lookin’ fella.)

Southern Sayings About The Wealthy

14. Sh**tin’ in high cotton. (This goes back to the days of wealthy cotton plantations.)

15. He’s richer’n Croesus. (That’s some stellar education right there! Croesus was a very wealthy king in Lydia during the 6th century, BC. )

16. He’s so rich he buys a new boat when he gets the other one wet.

Source: Henry Burrows

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