Commissions Paid: $14,237.60
Total Members: 982

These Owners HAVE AMAZING BONUSES for MySurfBiz Members

"These guys know their stuff. I have been blown away by how much they know about all this online marketing. Thanks! I finally have a SYSTEM I can promote with confidence. Happy MSB owner Alice Alice "

Alice Bridieu

""Okay Rina, you win. I just got a few Opt-Ins to my new list and even got a sale by doing what you said - promoting MySurfBiz STEP1. This never happened to me before this FAST. It took me a while to get how easy it is."

~Donald Harrison Owner of MadDogMailz

"This program is awesome. The downline builder is already building my list for me plus earning me $9.88 payments over & over. Just in the past 2 days I received 3 payments and my downlines in all 5 programs are growing on autopilot. Loving it! Thanks Rina. "

~Gary Russeau Owner of Social Viral Mailer

"MySurfBiz is a brilliant concept. It’s very easy to use & you can choose the programs you want to promote. As a TE owner, I use MySurfBiz to bring in new surfers & commissions for myself & my members. MySurfBiz builds my downlines both on my own sites & on the programs I promote on the site"

~Louise Deavin Owner of FroggyHits & Big Beach Hits

"MySurfBiz is an excellent program! It's a bit like playing pinball when the ball hits all the bumpers & everything lights up & buzzes at the same time! First someone joins my list, then they join the programs I promote, & then I get a “Notification of payment received” email from Paypal."

David Hurley

"WOW! Talk about "new and improved"! This is light years ahead of the old system. When I learned that you could advertise YOUR OWN links on page 2,I almost fell off my chair.Kudos to the new owners! This is an AMAZING system."

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